Sexcoin | The Adult Blockchain
Sexcoin is the original cryptocurrency that is tailored for Adult Oriented goods and services. Active since 2013, it enables instant payments to anyone in the world with age-verification features
Sexcoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Adult Cryptocurrency, Adult payments, age verified transaction
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Sexcoin is the first industry specific cryptocurrency targeting the Adult Entertainment Industry. Sexcoin being developed as a drop in replacement for current payment processing system. With Sexcoin you can avoid the unfair fees and discrimination faced when dealing with tradition models and institutions. We are here for you!

Near Zero Fees

Unlike Paypal which charges 2.9% + $0.30 per paid request to receive money from customers. Sexcoin has NEAR ZERO FEES to receive and only .001 Sexcoins to send payments.

No Chargebacks

After confirmation, all transactions are final. This removes the problems of chargebacks, which are the bane of many in the adult industry.


Both client and merchant/provider can enjoy COMPLETE privacy, with no personally identifiable information required to send/receive payments.

Sexcoin Specifications

The Magic behind the coin.

Total Supply of Sexcoins

The total supply of Sexcoins will be limited to 250,000,000 coins.


Sexcoin is ANONYMOUS, secure, has no charge backs and most importantly has NEAR ZERO FEES for receiving payments.

Fast Blocktime

Sexcoin has a block time target of 60 seconds with 6 confirmations required. This means that transactions can be verified rapidly which is ideal for applications in adult industries.

Community Driven

The Sexcoin team is committed to working with merchants and service providers to help achieve their goals. It is a quick an easy way to add micro transactions to you services.

Sexcoin Vitals

BlockTime: 60sec
Confirmations: 6
Difficulty: Retargets every block
Rewards: Currently 1.5 SXC per block found.
Lucky Blocks: x3 or x50 sxc block.
Difficulty Target: Kimoto Gravity Well
Legacy: Litecoin Magic Network Number Removed!

Compared to Bitcoin

Bitcoin has shown the world the future of currency, so why use Sexcoin? Sexcoin is solely targeted towards the adult sector, as such it can offer a more customized experience for its users.

The Roadmap

Our success plan to bring Blockchain solutions to the Adult entertainment Industry.

Webmaster Kit0%
Developer SDK0%
Paper Wallet0%
QR Code Network0%
Client Plug-in Architecture0%
(NEW!) Sexcoin Payment Protocols0%
Escrow Services0%
SXC/Fiat Payment Processor0%
Age Verification System0%
Thin Client (0 Blockchain)0%
(NEW!) Web Wallet0%

The Sexcoin Wallets

The Best and most Secure way to store your Sexcoins!


Download: Github


Sideloadable .APK for your Android Device

Meet The Team

Sexcoin is a community driven project. If you would like to become part of our team, please join us on our Slack channel.



Lavajumper is the driving force behind Sexcoin currently. He has been a great contributor to the development of the coin since the beginning.


Business Man

Our European business man and entrepreneur.



Developer and a Porn Addict (like all of us here).


The Go-To Guy

The wise man we all go to for common sense. He has been a Sexcoin advocate for as long as anyone can remember.

The Unlucky One


Mobile solutions: Android and iOS.


Social and Media

Monicabb/Coingrl has provided a number of the Sexcoin promotion images and some of the images for the site. She is also involved in public relations for Sexcoin.

Get in Touch!

Our team would be happy to help you get started with Sexcoin.